boondoggle recap - jackson hole edition

jacksonholeWe're back and it was awesome and if you weren't part of my instagram feed-clogging posts you can catch up here but basically it started on Wednesday night and ended Friday night - five couples, breathtaking views, some outdoor fun and many, many bubbly drinks all set at the outstanding Four Seasons Jackson Hole. Oh, and I packed perfectly with the added bonus of unseasonably warm weather. champagne-breakfast On Thursday, Bob opted for skiing, I chose a more civilized morning of reading and relaxing. Truth: when your friends send a glass of champagne to your table during brunch you don't say no. I will admit that I didn't get very far in my book while sitting by the firepit outside - the people watching was first rate. Kids in super hero and princess costumes, crazy helmets and a particularly great group of students from Purdue University who stripped down to boxers and bikinis by lunch time. It was warm, but not that warm.


Those of us who didn't ski took the Bridger Gondola up 2,784 more feet to the 9,095 foot mark and met the skiers for a late lunch at Couloir with unbelievable views.

gondolateam-MHcouloirOne of the things I was sorry I didn't get a chance to do was fly back down after lunch. All morning I watched paragliders take off and sail down to the base strapped to a chute and a guide. By the time we finished eating, there was only one run left and my friend Pep took the spot. You literally take a few running steps and you're off. Next time, for sure - they do it all year long, weather and wind permitting. pepchute [iframe width="100%" height="480" src=""]

a four seasons thank-youThis is getting longer than I thought - I'll save the rest for tomorrow's post. I leave you with this: before dinner on Thursday, this champagne was waiting in our room - a thank you from the Four Seasons hotel for "instagramming us and showing off Jackson to all your friends!" I was stunned and Bob was impressed. Maybe I won't get the eye roll next time I stop and pull out my iPhone.