#craftup2013 - project 2

taxidermyJust wanted to check back and let you know I solved my project problem. ta DAH! I've been dabbling in taxidermy. I'm blown away how awesome this horseshoe crab turned out and I'm a little sorry I didn't rescue a few more cadavers from the beach back in January. After Bob scraped out most of the guts (blech) I soaked the quasi-empty shell in bleach for a few day. When that didn't seem to be working, I switched to soaking it in vinegar. The baths worked on the low tide smell but both softened the shell too much so I decided to take it out of the liquid and let it air dry. Honestly, I forgot about it in my garage until this weekend and in less than 30 minutes I had a piece of gilded prehistoric art. horseshoe crab

You're thinking to yourself "How'd she do that?" Technically, there's 3 layers on this shell but only because I wasn't entirely happy with each finish. I started with my DecorArt Metallic craft paint in Emperor's Gold but it was too orange. Then I painted a coat of Martha Stewart's Liquid Gilding in Gold on top and it was better but not perfect. I decided the best way to gild this shell was to actually gold leaf it with my MonaLisa kit and VOILA.

The icing on this cadaver? I picked it up while away on a girls' weekend with dear friends on Cape Cod celebrating 'Whitney Kicked Cancer's Ass' so it will always hold special memories for me. Remember, make new friends but keep the old - one is silver and the other is gold.

Unfamiliar with #craftup2013? Here's Kelly's original post and I made this entirely with supplies I had on hand.