happy friday

march 2013Today is a great day with BIG things to come this weekend and the start of a great month.

Later today we'll head to the MIAA state tournament high school girls' hockey game on Cape Cod - fingers crossed because it's a one and done scenario - and you know how much I enjoy those #Iseethebridge shots on instagram. That and we're nearing the end of the girls' hockey seasons and when you spend 7 months of the year in a rink watching them play, it's bittersweet when it's over so this state tournament is an exciting way to wind down. Then, when we get back tonight, Jack will be waiting for us. He's home on spring break and it's not lost on me that he's chosen to hang out with us for a week rather than head somewhere warm.

Saturday and Sunday will be spent with Jess Lively at her Business and Life With Intention Workshops and I can't wait. I've had this on my radar for over a year now and when she announced the reader's choice would be Boston, I immediately used my canceled Alt SLC funds and signed myself up.

The rest of March is filling up nicely with Daylight Saving Time starting on March 10 and another work boondoggle with Bob's company. Make it a good one folks.


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