jackson hole - part deux

airportWe did our best to cram as much fun into our two days so on Friday we were up and out early for snowmobiling in Granite Canyon, just south of Jackson. snowmobilingdogsleds We made a stop at Granite Falls and continued all the way in to the hot spring. Our guide Mikey was awesome and put up with all our shenanigans - taking a panoramic group shot and even swimming with the few brave souls. (I can handle 112* temps just not exiting the spring soaking wet into 40* temps.) Hey ladies - Mikey's single, 25-ish, educated, could easily be mistaken for John Corbett (Aiden / Sex and the City) any day and will take care of all the boy jobs. (see dead mouse removal)

panoramichotspringAfter our exciting morning, we lunched in town at Cafe Genevieve (Mikey's suggestion - he even texted a friend working there to get us in) and enjoyed the shopping. Bob and I made a special stop - we met a guy named John at his workshop on the edge of town and hand selected antlers that he's shipping to everyone's home. I have one from our trip in 2008 and I was always sorry I didn't get two.  antlers

Come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on our last night - an unforgettable campfire dinner on the banks of the Snake River.