thank you Jess Lively

me-and-jess I'm not really sure where to start so I thought I'd start with this photo. This is the photo I wasn't leaving Jess Lively's With Intention Workshops without getting. After reading Jess's blog online for the last two years I jumped at the chance to meet her in person and put myself, and seagrass studio, in her hands. I was intrigued by her idea of living and working with intention. I wanted to know her secret sauce.

I came to the Business With Intention workshop looking for ideas, how tos and help. I needed to figure out if I was headed on the right track with seagrass studio. I've spent a considerable amount of my time reading so many different posts about branding and marketing but in reality, none of it is tailored to me or my work. Sure, some of it makes sense but I never come away with any tangible actions or answers. Another time suck is my fixation with the idea of branding as a 'cure-all'. I needed someone to help cut through the crap. Time is short and I'm really tired of wasting my time. It's also really hard to brand something that isn't a well defined idea.

Jess has a remarkable talent for helping you re-discover all that is good and unique about you and your business and within minutes I knew I'd come to the right person. It was so refreshing to have someone just get me. Do you know how good that feels? Jess was able to help me sort through the crap to believe in my talents, admit what work needs to be delegated and identify where to spend my time and energy. No more wondering, researching, modifying someone else's game plan. Thanks to Jess, I have the focus, purpose and direction I've been craving and it's all perfectly specific to me and my business.

Because Jess limited the workshop to a small and intimate group we were able to work collaboratively on each woman's business and problem solve as a group. Honestly, the wealth of experience and compassion Jess brings to her blog is even better in person and amplified by each participant in the workshop. I also owe a great deal of thanks to my fellow workshoppers - Ashley runs her own brand and marketing studio, Jackie has a gorgeous stationery business and Ashlee is a GenY life coach. Assisting Jess for the weekend was Allison who expertly styled/branded the weekend workshops and Sophie who prepared all the phenomenal food (which has been all over my instagram lately) I love that I have five new friends, each unique and generous with their talents. It's exciting to think of what will come for each of us and I'm so glad I have a front row seat. I can only hope I was able to contribute a fraction of what I received this weekend from each of them.

Jackie and I returned Sunday for the Life With Intention workshop and at this point, I was open to whatever was going to happen. We were fortunate to have Allison and Sophie join us as well as newcomers Patrick and Sheerley. Just as each business has a purpose, so does each of our lives but it's a choice to live it intentionally with internal motivations instead of seeking external validation. Once again, Jess created an intimate, supportive and collaborative atmosphere where we worked to find small measures to take our lives in the direction we'd like go. At the end of the day, I left feeling optimistic, energized and excited.

Thank you, Jess, for a remarkable experience and thank you for your friendship - I'm anxious to get started and really look forward to working with you again. If anyone is looking for direction and purpose and inspiration - whether personally, professionally or both - I cannot recommend Jess and her workshops enough.

PS - if you're on Jess's With Intention FB page, that pink sleeved arm in the header is mine! I'm also in the sidebar on Jess's site