wanted: this Furbish giveaway!

Furbish giveaway

image via Furbish

I've been working with the girls on ideas for updating their bedrooms. Updating isn't very accurate - more like actually furnishing their rooms. Truth: the $5 temporary blinds I stuck to all the bedroom windows are still there. We look like squatters. I love Jamie Meares' blog and her shop and I spotted this giveaway happening so I've officially entered and have crossed all fingers and toes that this happens for me. Er, umm, I mean for the girls.



If nothing else, this 12" x 12" feather print by Sarah B. Martinez will be added somewhere in my home.

Furbish is in Charlotte, NC and I'd really love to add a visit to the store on one of our trips to drop off/visit/pick up Jack at school in High Point. If you've got other great ideas for the tri-city area in NC let me know. Oh, and cross your fingers for me, too?