black and white

carolineover on my here's what I'm thinking board* I've been pinning some interesting black and white images.

I've been toying with idea of an updated disc version of the caroline necklace (shown above) but I've found that translating the spherical beads' patterns onto the flat discs isn't nearly as successful as I would've liked. The two colors on the discs in a straightforward halves or thirds pattern like the claire would work but I think there's a more interesting way to go - with two such high contrast colors I think it'll make for a more dynamic composition if there were circles within the circles (see crude rendering below)b&w7

you know the drill: stay tuned...

* Dear Pinterest: could you make it possible to create boards within boards? like sub-categories? I like the general subject of 'here's what I'm thinking' but I'd like to have a 'black and white' folder/board that sits inside it. It would fall under the general umbrella of 'here's what I'm thinking' and would keep it separate from my regular b & w board.