book club

book-clubin an effort to lighten things up around these parts I thought I'd share some highlights from my 2013 reading list. I posted last year that I typically only read when I travel because I prefer to read books in their entirety in one sitting or at least large chunks at a time. I can't stand picking up and putting down and trying to remember the conversation thread or who is what. And since 2013 is shaping up to be the year of travel for me, I've collected some great suggestions through the magic of crowd sourcing on facebook. Seriously, my favorite use of facebook is polling people for ideas. Well, I guess it's my second favorite thing - the first would be embarrassing my kids. I'll spare you the synopsis of each of my recent reads. Instead, click the hyperlinks to take you to good reads which is another great way of finding new books. (and all the great quotes from the books you love)2013 books so far I was able to blow through Fault in Our Stars on the way to Jackson Hole as well as an entire pack of tissues. It was Lulu's summer reading last year and I'd forgotten it was on my kindle. On the way home I read Alys, Always and would definitely recommend both. On this recent trip to Florida I downloaded 5 new books and the only one I wouldn't recommend is The Art Forger - a fictionalized version of the recovery of a Degas painting from the 1990 art theft at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was generally unbelievable, full of unnecessary art jargon and repetitive. Meh.

I would absolutely recommend Wonder for the way the story is told from each character's point of view. The Expats was an interesting whodunit but without having read it in one sitting I'm not sure I would've been able to follow the twists. I bought a paperback edition of The Great Gatsby for the girls to read so we could go together to see Baz Luhrmann's extravagant movie remake when it opens next month but neither daughter was compelled to read it so I gave it another go around. At least I thought I was re-reading it. It's one of those books you're "supposed" to read but it turns out, I never actually read it in high school and now I know why. It was tedious so I probably skimmed. I don't blame the girls for not wanting to read it but we can't wait for the movie. The soundtrack is unreal.

The Interestings was recommended by my good friend Jen. It's the newest novel written by one of her professors at Skidmore and now I'm really sorry I never got a chance to take a creative writing class with Meg Wolitzer while I was there. Meg's one of those authors who has the ability to assemble every day words together in such an unusually descriptive package so the words seem entirely new. I've already started another of hers - The Wife: A Novel.

The last book on my 'list' is Rule Of Civility. Technically I read it last summer while we were away but it remains one of my all time favorites. I'm tempted to buy the actual book so I can hold it in my hand and dog-ear pages like you're not supposed to do but I do it anyway. Truth? I won't ever read Fifty Shades of Gray or The Hunger Games or The Twilight books. I just can't do it. I did, however, devour the entire nine book Harry Høle series by Jo Nesbø because I loved The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series so much. I'd love to know what you've been reading. Sweeping sagas? Gruesome crime novels? Historical fiction?  Leave 'em in the comments!