happy birthday jack

happy-birthdayhere's the birthday boy in 1995. we were both babies back then but he was a little more than a year old and completely toothless. I vividly remember what it felt like to hold him and carry him around at this age. The way he smelled and the shock of wavy red hair. I remember all the little hand gestures he invented because he didn't talk until he was two. (this was WAY before people taught their children sign language because it made them smarter) I remember the many crazy / sleepless nights because apparently, not talking until you're two has some parallel with not being able to sleep through the night until you're two. And I remember his pacifier trick - if we put it in upside down, he'd spin it right-side-up without using his hands. You're nineteen today. You wear your shock of red hair cut super short and you smell clean-shaven with a sharp wit and have a way with words. You're a night owl again with crazy sleeping habits but that comes with the territory in college. We're so very proud of you and we can't wait to have you home again this summer. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!