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brown color storyAn alternate post title could be 'mystery magazine tear sheet, a story'Or maybe, 'I love the internet'

I've had this torn page on the bulletin board in my studio FOREVER. Because the name of the paint is written on the top left corner I can safely say that this pre-dates our move east in 2008 because I spent considerable time hunting down the perfect brown paint color for an Hermès inspired half bath. (no, I don't have photos but it was gorgeous. and no, I don't remember which brown I ended up going with.) I was hoping the name of the magazine would be on the page somewhere but it's not. If you google 'Claudia Bruno' you'll see that she has worked with Martha Stewart Living (and I am in L O V E with her bio. maybe I should find this Courtney Saunders person and have her write mine...) If you google 'Joelle Hoverson' you'll find that she is the owner of Purl Soho and between 1996 and 2000 she was a senior copy editor for... you guessed it - Martha Stewart Living. But, if you google 'Anthony Cochran' you'll find a designer who thoughtfully lists his editorial work which includes a spread in Martha Stewart Living (as a senior style editor) entitled "A Study On Brown". ta DAH! There's no mention of which issue but I'm so glad I found the original images and don't have to worry about my disintegrating inspiration.

Where was I? Right - I've had it on my bulletin board for the last year or so and over the weekend started playing with the colors in hopes it would turn into something wearable. It's not finished yet but I like where it's heading. Stay tuned...