best boondoggle ever

pool-at-sunsetHere's the evening version of the view from our room and it only got better from there. Our last night in Turks and Caicos we were treated to breathtaking sunset cocktails followed by dinner on the beach and then moonbathing by the bonfire. I'll get to the moonbathing part in a minute but first, some photos from local photographers Paradise Photographyfarewell-dinnercenterpieceSimple, elegant and so pretty. I watched the Regent Palms staff, from my chaise lounge on the beach, set this up over the course of two hours that afternoon. I will admit that for every box, bag and cart they dragged onto the beach I couldn't help but think what a pain it would be to have to take it all away when we were finished (much) later that night. (PS it took them much less time to disassemble) sunset-picOnce again, I'm wearing stripes but the important thing to note is the perfect summer cocktail - The Grand Fizz (champagne, Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice) menu

Even though I'm not a crustacean/mollusk fan I can appreciate a menu like this especially when the palette cleanser is a Lemon Lime Sorbet and Belvedere Vodka shooter. Another great idea for fun summer drinks people.night-shotmoonbathing

And now for the moonbathing explanation. It's when you sit around an open bonfire with your Grand Marnier 100 (Bob) or Ruinart Champagne (me) while the spa performs head / neck / shoulder massages. Seriously. It was unbelievable.

le-finWe brought our anniversary champagne to the beach Sunday morning to share with our fellow boondogglers and toast the weekend. It made leaving just a little bit easier.

all photos courtesy of Paradise Photography unless otherwise noted