happy birthday lulu

happy-bday-luluhere's the birthday girl last month in Florida taking a selfie on my phone (wearing stripes just like her mother.) her sweet sixteen last year was celebrated with a lulupalooza weekend but we're marking #17 with far less palooza. that and her birthday usually gets lumped in with Mother's Day which is fine by me. After all she's 1/3 of the reason I get to celebrate. Lulu has always been a sensitive and caring kid who loves to laugh. She makes friends easily, has a really big heart and she's not afraid to stand up for what's right. She's truly beautiful inside and out. I'd like to take all of the credit but as I've said before, these kids come hard-wired and she definitely didn't get her speed and athletic ability from me. it's been so fun to watch Lulu grow into a confident, strong, kind and clever young woman and I'm incredibly proud to say that she's mine. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU!!!