brimfieldI played hooky last Friday and spent the day spelunking at Brimfield. I made the executive decision the night before when I saw the weather was going to be perfect. 70* and sunny - not too hot or cold and very dry. Unfortunately, so did 10,573 other people. The last time I went to Brimfield was in September 2011 and I found the disc beads that changed the way I paint and make jewelry. There's something about beads buried in a gigantic mound just waiting to be found. I went this time with the simple hope of finding a little inspiration, getting off-line and outside, poking around dusty/rusty junk, people watching and maybe finding a few frames to spruce up things at home. Right away I found the surly woman with the vintage costume jewelry whom I first met in 2011. I scored three more Trifari pins in hopes of fashioning another necklace or three. I went from there to the fabulous bead catastrophe tent but nothing caught my eye like a couple years ago so I moved on. I meandered to a few other fields and spotted a few gold-ish frames that I snagged with hopes of refashioning them for my walls like Jenny Komenda did here. At this point I was dusty, hungry and tired but I pushed on and came upon Capitol Salvage from Tolland, CT. I'll just leave you with this - Inspiration Jackpot. I've got a #craftup2013 idea brewing for my studio and you'll have to wait and see.

I wish I'd taken more pictures while I was there but the mass of humanity with their unwieldy shopping baskets steered with one hand while carrying their matli-poo-kin-ese made it hard to snap, shop and survive.

What about you? Did you make it to Brimfield this year? What treasures did you find and what do you regret not buying? I'd love to see!