afterschool special

love-you-or-hate-youor whether I was able to get a manicure or if I have handmade, glitter encrusted (accurate) business cards. (but I will bet there are some who won't like me because of my belt) I'm on my way to Martha Stewart Living and I'm excited but a little nervous for Alt Summit NYC today. I read this quote on Glennon Melton's blog last week and the timing was perfect for one of my 'afterschool specials' with one of my kids AND for me at Alt. I won't go into specifics (that wouldn't be fair to them) but when things get hard at school or with friends or whatever and things come to a head we sit and unravel the problem/feelings/anxiety together. Typically our sit-downs happen WAY after school, closer to or even past my bedtime (when things get to feel their hairiest) but those 'afterschool specials' on ABC were such a HUGE part of my childhood so the name stuck.

and it's a nice reminder - just be yourself. it's enough.