#craftup 2013 - project 3

spool-boxesI've been unintentionally stockpiling yarn for the last 9 years. For a while I was knitting and felting 6-8 bags each year but I haven't picked up my needles since last May when I made my J. Crew shopper. It's all taking up valuable space in my studio and I need to be realistic about how much knitting one knitter can knit. I've been storing most of it in a shoe cubby thing (color coordinated, of course) with the bulk of it stuffed into bags or boxes but my system isn't really working for me.


A few weeks ago I found this photo on pinterest and I knew this woman was on to something. Then just two days later I spotted these (top photo) vintage spool drawers while at Brimfield and I knew I had the perfect yarn storage solution. I found them in the Capitol Salvage tent and the guy explained that they came from a knitting mill in Fall River. At this point, all I had to do was make a few decisions. Did I want the 16 pin box or the 20 pin box? I opted for the 16 pin set up but I can't really tell you why - it just seemed like a good decision. Then I needed to figure out how many I wanted vs. how many I could actually use vs. how many I could feasibly carry back to my car. Answer? Two - I scored the pair of them for $50.

I already had the yarn, umbrella swift and winder at home (trust me when I say that the names of these items make for great euphemisms especially when used in conjunction with 'felting my bag') so I reasoned that the spool bins weren't technically a craft purchase but a combination of storage and art. I spent the better part of that weekend winding and balling my yarn (see what I mean about those words?) and I'm pretty impressed with myself. Seriously - even Bob and the kids think it's pretty cool which doesn't happen very often when I have big plans in my head and then selfishly consume valuable weekend time working on them. yarn-bins

TA DAH! I installed heavy duty D-rings on the backside of the drawers and then hung them in my studio. These 32 spools represent about a third of my yarn collection but in the process of organizing the colors/contents I was able to assess my yarn situation and donated some questionable yarn purchases as well as better organize and store what I wanted to keep.

I know you'd like a general sweeping view of my studio but at the time this photo was taken the room was an embarrassing disaster that didn't do my new installation justice. Now? The room is no longer my studio. I'll explain more later as well provide photos of the newly repurposed living room but I couldn't resist sharing my latest #craftup2013 project.