w.w.d.d.w. to alt?

alt-stylethis is me, waiting for my train. fingers crossed I didn't forget anything. contrary to some, I have not been planning my outfits for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's conference since I bought my ticket and only decided what to pack this morning. The dinner tonight has a yellow theme but I own absolutely zero yellow so I opted instead for a long black number - easy peasy. For Thursday's all-day shindig I'm wearing an oyster colored silk tunic over white jeans (jury's out on whether they'll be cuffed at my ankle or left long) and the same heels for both events. I'm not sure Doris Day would wear either outfit but I feel confident she'd approve. What she would DEFINITELY NOT approve of is my belt.python

Doris Day is a HUGE animal rights activist and I can assure you she would never in a million years be caught dead wearing an actual python belt that she picked up while on a boondoggle in Mexico back in 2005. But it's kickass and while Alt Summit isn't necessarily the best venue to make offhand remarks about my one eyed snake (seriously, he only has one eye) it is the kind of event that would appreciate the statement that it makes. I'm wearing it tomorrow but it looks great with my black dress, too so it might be a two-fer accessory.

what about you? do you have a 'go to' statement piece? any chance it was picked up in a side alley in Mexico and omitted from your custom's declaration page?