behind the scenes

photo shootCan I tell you a fabulous behind-the-photo-shoot fashion story? To recap how this came to be: I found out Atly was sponsoring Justin Hackworth's trip to photograph the Alt NYC conference this year so I sent him a message. Last year I saw that a few bloggers had pre-arranged some time with him and I knew I wanted to try to get on his schedule. I asked if he had any time before the conference to have some photos taken and he thought the day before would work well so I penciled it in. (that's not the fabulous part)

But... I ended up taking a later train on Wednesday so I had to cancel and I scrapped the photo shoot outfit from my suitcase. But at the end of the day at Alt Justin mentioned he had time on Friday afternoon if I was free. SOLD! (still not the fabulous part) Friday morning I remembered I hadn't packed anything special so I had to rely on one of my uniforms - Whitney necklaceblack silk blouse, boyfriend jeans and black flats. I knew I'd feel put together and comfortable but I didn't really feel "Let's go take pictures in Central Park" special. You know what I mean?

Justin and I agreed to meet at 2:00p, at the fountain in Columbus Circle so I arranged to meet my parents and my aunt & uncle in the "mall" right there for lunch. We finished eating 20 minutes before 2:00 so I said goodbye to my family and raced into J. Crew to see if there was anything on the sale rack that might work in a pinch.

And was there ever! (here's the fabulous part) Not only was this gorgeous, orchid silk skirt on the sale rack, in my size with an additional 25% off, but when I got to the register they took an EXTRA 25% off and then steamed it for me. I still had my heels (similar) from Alt in my bag so I swapped out my flats and jeans for this number. As I took the escalator down to meet Justin, my parents and all of my aunts and uncles were on the escalator going up and they did a double take. I felt like Cinderella.

I kept my jewelry simple - Design Darling's tortoiseshell bangles and the matching cocktail ring (fingers crossed that one goes back in stock) - so that my Whitney necklace could be the star. I'll bet you didn't know that I donate part of the proceeds for every Whitney necklace sold to the American Cancer Society. (here's the backstory on why) Not only did I feel put together and comfortable but I felt glamourous. I felt better than glamourous, I felt 6' tall and 18 years old.

photo-fashionWhen was the last time you felt glamourous??