calling all foodies

blackberriesit's that time of year again. these blackberry bushes will be BURSTING with fruit in about a week. last year we were gone for their peak so friends and family came and harvested. this year we'll be home during the peak and I can't wait! I'm planning to freeze some for a taste of summer in the winter and deliver a bunch to my sister in a couple weeks when we stop over on our way to deliver jack back to school because she's the queen of the buckle. do you have a great recipe? share in the comments, tag me on pinterest and instagram and I'll give them all a test. you heard me - I WILL ATTEMPT TO BAKE/COOK/DRINK my blackberries and will document my success/failure here. i could use your help. let's hear what you've got!

UPDATE: I've received a couple of entries on my facebook page. keep 'em coming. also, I need to make my sister a 'QUEEN OF THE BUCKLE' sash.