happy friday


  • Fenway hasn't been on a walk yet this week which is a shame because we walked between 3 and 8 miles a day while we were on vacation the week before. I'm promising her at least 2 outings this weekend which we'll fit in between hockey games and art show prep.
  • Lulu's in a hockey tournament this weekend in Hingham and she'll be playing on a select team made up of prep/high school girls and college women. If I think back to college I would hardly have called myself a woman but technically they're older than my babies so 'girls' sounds weird, too.
  • after dismantling my studio last month in an effort to get our house ready to list (a long story for another time) I haven't touched my paints and I'm scrambling to get myself ready for the Nonquitt Art Show next weekend.
  • the Nonquitt Art Show is small, beautiful show in the community where my parent's have a summer place and I've been wildly successful in years past. The show alternates between July one year and August the next and last summer I couldn't participate because we were delivering Jack to college. I'm hoping my customers like the newer bib necklace design - it's new since the 2011 show.
  • the URL sorting out won't be happening anytime in the next week so I can't worry about that. which means new business cards are also low on the list to worry about.
  • at dinner out with my parents over vacation there were at least 6 customers of mine at neighboring tables which further proves I know EXACTLY who my ideal client is and I NEED TO GET MY NEWSLETTER SET UP BEFORE THE ART SHOW NEXT WEEKEND.

That's what's going on here - what about you? oh and put this on your calendar for next weekend - it's just a little over an hour from Boston, near plenty of beaches, cute shops and a couple great restaurants, too. If you need tips/directions, ask away in the comments or shoot me an email.

NQT Art Poster_2013 Lawrence Home_flattened