happy friday


  • off to another rink this weekend. both girls are playing on the same team which is nice but still. it's summer and I'd rather be outside. although my sister feels differently when she's stuck in the sweltering sun watching her son play lacrosse with no shade or breeze.
  • what we really need to get started on is preparing the kids for school - supplies, books, clothes. normally I don't buy into those Staples commercials that convince you to buy all your stuff in August but this year is different.
  • jack leaves in less than two weeks which breaks my heart a little but it also means we need to order his books. we've been lucky so far using a combination of Amazon and Chegg.com but no matter how you do it, it's expensive.
  • the girls are an entirely different problem. they head off to boarding school this fall and not only do I need to sort out bedding/dorm room stuff (times 2) there's a dress code that my sporty spice girls aren't equipped for. dresses or pants with blazers. NO JEANS and NO YOGA PANTS. I should probably give lululemon a headsup...
  • that reminds me, I need to make sure everyone's physicals are in order, summer reading is complete and all forms filled out. I swear the older the kids get, the more paperwork required. fortunately most forms are available online (gosh I don't miss the reams of notices/flyers that would spill out of their backpacks each day in elementary school) but you still need to print them out and remember to bring them with you and then remember to not leave them in the car or forget to even give them to the doctor/teacher/coach.
  • I need a wife.