lookbook ideas

vignettesI need to get my act together with my shop.between you and me? my shop is lame and looks no where near as fabulous as my jewelry. I've been keeping an eye out for interesting product shots with great styling while still visually clean. I want a simple shot of each necklace for the actual shopping side of things (I can't seem to figure out how to make this work on my own) and I also want to show how versatile each piece can be in a lookbook/detail shot. I think photos of me wearing some pieces would be a good idea as far as branding but showcasing each and every necklace that way is unrealistic. I create new (or new versions of) necklace palettes all the time so I'd have to line up a photographer, and free time, and cash. I think a solution to that problem would be a stylized vignette similar to an instagram I posted back in February of this year.inspiration

when Sarah Sherman Samuel opened her new online shop A Sunny Afternoon the bar was raised for me. I love the feel of the lookbook showcasing each piece as a lifestyle and the individual product shots are bright, crisp and clean. and I loved her blog post of the 'launch party'. I want that. I can certainly have that if I get my act together. I'm hoping to play around with some of the necklaces I have in stock and style them almost like I've laid out an outfit to pack, or to wear, but very casual.

can I tell you a secret? I have dreamt, for a while now, of putting out a mini-catalog a few times a year with the same feel of the A Sunny Afternoon launch party, centered around a holiday or season. I would host a group of bloggers for a party here, at my house, and invite each to contribute in someway in their area of expertise or interest. a foodie would prepare the appetizers and showcase their talents, the flowers or centerpieces would be styled by a florist/gardener, the party decor would be put together by someone who loves to write about entertaining along side an interiors blogger and maybe a DIY-er. and of course, a photographer would be there to capture it all. each of us would be wearing one of my necklaces and would style it the way she would personally wear it. I see it as a way for each of us to create either a series of blog posts or one major story and we would each benefit from each other's readers. I would be the ultimate winner because I would have fabulous, creative women wearing and showcasing my designs.

I think I need to make this happen. would it be too ambitious to try to put this together for fall?