#nomomleftbehind meets #onemoms

alt-highlightI think the best thing that happened at Alt NYC was also the first thing that happened. When my sponsor dinner host had to cancel, I was invited to join Gabrielle Blair and Sara Urquhart for dinner along with several attendees and, as it turns out, one of the speakers - Ginny Wolf from the ONE Campaign. I was running late that evening and the last to be seated so a great looking woman at the far end of the table slid over so we could share the banquette. Her name is Jeannine Harvey from D.C., has a great southern drawl and she loved my necklace. We introduced ourselves around our end and the inevitable question "so, what's your blog about?" was started. I gave my halting, but accurate, elevator pitch - <inhale> "I make hand painted jewelry and write about what inspires me but I also write about my family and how I'm finally investing in myself." <exhale>  That's when Jeannine and I got talking.

We hit it off and didn't stop all evening. Jeannine also works at the ONE Campaign as their Senior Manager of Strategic Relationships. I loved hearing about her work and especially about the #ONE moms trip to Ethiopia with Gabrielle and 9 other bloggers last fall. We got to know the other interesting women at our end of the long table and we talked shop, food, travel, and family. I feel badly that I didn't get a chance to talk to Sara or Gabrielle but they were further down and we were engrossed. We talked well after our hosts said goodnight. We shared a cab and agreed to meet up at the conference the next day. We enjoyed a late dinner together the following night after the conference talking and talking and talking. I wish we lived closer. I wish I could follow her around and meet all the people she meets. Actually, I did get to meet some of the most interesting people through her at Alt. Someone like Jeannine attracts goodness and kindness like honey. Getting a seat next to her was sheer luck and I will be forever changed because she asked about my necklace.


this was the winning scarf from the Alt SLC contest and I had a chance to wear it for a while on the rooftop at Martha Stewart Living. Gorgeous right? Here's the story of the woman in Africa who wove it. Incredible right?.

Have you heard of the ONE Campaign? They're a non-partisan organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. I highly suggest you click here to read a really great explanation of the organization and it's purpose written by photographer Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks. Go ahead - you'll understand part of why sitting next to Jeannine was so great. I admitted I had tried my hand at designing a scarf for the fashionABLE contest (part of the Alt Summit Salt Lake City conference earlier this year) but textile design is harder than it looks and I missed the submission deadline. If there's another contest this year I'm NOT giving up. Moms using their voices to empower women is right up my alley. ONE doesn't ask for your money, just your voice. You can join ONE by filling out the form below. I did.

[iframe src="http://www.one.org/us/actnow/moms/pop_up.html" width="100%" height="230"]