try new things

alt-highlite2 Last year, the common themes I took away from Alt NYC were 'be authentic' and 'create original content'. Wise words. The big takeaway for me this year was beautifully lettered by illustrator and photographer Garance Doré (see below)

It started with Grace Bonney's opening keynote, "Surviving the Internet". She talked about how original content is now the baseline and diversity in multi-media is the new goal. Whether it's Vine, your own Youtube channel, or Google+ you need to embrace new technology and find a way to build a community within each channel.

Later in the afternoon, the panel "What the Coolest Brands are Doing with Social Media' spoke to this point specifically. John Januzzi from Lucky Magazine, Jennifer Rubio of Warby Parker and Tracey Stewart of Moomah (and also Jon Stewart's wife!) all offered their brands' approach to these different channels. It was interesting to hear how some social media outlets draw different 'kinds' of followers than another so it was important to be strategic about your content. What's working? Why did someone follow me? How can I keep them coming back?  It's not about having a large number of followers but attracting, engaging and keeping high quality followers.


Branch out (but stay on the same tree)

Garance Doré was our closing keynote. I loved that she hand-lettered each of her slides. I love that she spoke candidly and irreverently about her path to becoming a business. (and with that killer French accent). I mostly love her unique way of saying 'You do you" It's what's fueled my #NoMomLeftBehind campaign these last few years and what I hope I'm instilling in my kids. Don't do something just because so-and-so is doing it and don't hang back because you're not sure if it's cool. Show up, give it a try and learn. Invest in yourself!