wanted: DIY surrogate

umbrellaDIYhave you seen these gorgeous patio umbrellas from hedge row studio?  there has to be a DIY in here somewhere but since I've put the kabosh on buying any craft supplies with my #craftup2013 pledge I can't tackle this one myself. also, I don't have a spare patio umbrella lying around nor do I need a new one so there's that... this looks to be ridiculously easy and would come with a HUGE degree of satisfaction so maybe someone out there can do it for me? again, I don't need a new umbrella but I meant that I could enjoy this vicariously. I would cheer you on and give you virtual high fives when you post your cute BBQ vignette on instagram. look here, I've even provided you with all the info you'll need:

completely serious here - is this up anyone's alley?

fun fact: umbra is latin for shade