1600 miles later...

road-tripwe're back. nine states and four days later and we're now down a man at home. it was a very uneventful six hour drive to my sister's on thursday, a fabulous day in old town in philadelphia with a side trip to terrain on friday (which I HIGHLY recommend) and a great time with the family. we also got a special, behind the scenes tour of the pennsylvania superior court which included the new oil portrait of my aunt, the honorable kate ford-elliott.

we left early saturday morning to head to north carolina and eight hours later I finally met my son's roommate. they're rooming together again this year but in my two visits to school last year, I never laid eyes on the kid. also, moving a sophomore into his room is significantly easier than a freshman. we dropped his stuff off, ran over to target for the usual supplies (get this, the university rented out target on friday night from 10:00p to midnight and hired a DJ for a serious back to school shopping event. genius.) and then headed out to dinner with the roommate and his parents. it's going to be another great year for jack and while I wish he was closer, I'm so thankful he's happy.

we stopped by jack's room sunday morning for a quick goodbye and then drove thirteen hours home. we got antsy and I still feel greasy after the rest stop food but there's nothing like pulling in your driveway at 10:30p and knowing that you're done.

I'm posting blackberry challenge No. 4 tomorrow - a questionable cobbler but today, it's back to work and adjusting to daily life without jack.