back to school

furbish-pillowwith both girls going off to school, we not only have to outfit them times two but also dorm rooms times two. ouch. I made an executive decision to start them both off with white sheets and a white duvet cover (from IKEA) because I love that I can bleach them back to freshness. but white on its own is boring and impersonal so both girls have been pinning some favorite items to my girls' rooms board** with hopes of adding color and personality to their little spaces. pillows are the easiest way to achieve that and this project was inspired by this tie dye pillow from furbish. we picked up a few extra standard, white pillowcases from tj maxx with the rest of their white bedding with this in mind but I wasn't exactly sure how to get this according pleat effect. so, after googling 'tie dye techniques' we watched this video and realized, duh - it's just an accordion pleat. I was hoping to use this as a #craftup2013 project but I didn't have any spare dye lying around so we headed to ac moore. i usually use rit dye for projects but the kelly green in the iDye by jacquard box (why must everything have a lowercase i in front of it?) was closer to the color green abby was looking for and the navy was the great inky blue that lulu wanted.dye bath

jaw spring clamps were great for holding the folded pillowcases that were too short to hang over the edge of the pot

we followed all the directions, LOVED the result and couldn't wait for the wash to finish and then... BLECH. instead of fabulous, graphic and contrasting pillowcases we had murky, muddy pillowcases that looked more 'craft project' than 'furbish knockoff'.yuck

I wasn't willing to let this one go so we had a big do-over session on sunday. this time, I spent some time googling 'how to keep your whites white in tie dye' and I learned that I didn't rinse out the extra dye so we picked up more supplies and this time, I made sure tim gunn was on hand.


we followed the directions AGAIN but this time, after 30 minutes in the near-boiling water, I ran each pillowcase under hot water in the sink until it ran pretty clear (3-4 minutes) then switched to cold water and held it under the running water for another 3-4 minutes until that water was very clear. we set the pillowcases outside to dry and then I repeated the hot/cold water rinse on each pillowcase again. I decided to NOT do a final wash in my front-loading washing machine for fear of running the dye again. each cold water rinse fixed the dye but as soon as I added hot water, more dye was released. since these will be decorative pillows and there's no DIY police I deemed them FINISHED!abby dorm room DIY / Lulu

I'm hoping to get a shot of all the little touches we've pulled together for each room and then a shot of each 'installed' dorm room especially since it'll be the first AND last time the beds will be made.dorm room DIY / tie dye pillows

interestingly enough - there's a whole lot of dying going on in the interwebs. just today the sweetest occasion posted a gorgeous tutorial on dying with indigo. I wonder how stephanie's whites stayed white...

** this board also includes inspiration for their rooms here at home