blackberry challenge no. 4 here's how the cobbler edition of the bakeoff went down... I wanted to bring something to my sister's when we stopped over for a couple days this weekend. I had hoped to bring a stash of fresh blackberries to make her defend her 'Queen of the Buckle' title but the fruit output has slowed so I thought the next best thing would be to bring a cobbler/breakfast treat. that decided, I assembled my team the night before we left.

team #blackberrychallengethe girls' second grade teacher when we lived in Chicago, Carrie Hooper Molinero (who goes down in history as the favorite/best second grade teacher ever) offered up a stupid-easy blackberry cobbler recipe. the entire thing calls for four things plus blackberries so I figured, how hard could it be??

trust me when I say the wine was necessary.

here's how it went down that night: 7:30 - pull out sugar, flour, butter and head outside to pick a few more blackberries 7:45 - preheat oven to 350* 7:46 - recipe calls for a greased 3 quart pan - can't figure out which pan to use 7:47 - sip wine, google "how many cups in a quart?" and realize I don't have a pan that holds 3 quarts 7:50 - find 3 foil meatloaf pans that hold 1 quart each. grease pans 7:53 - pull out bowl to mix ingredients and realize flour isn't "self-rising" and milk isn't "whole" 7:55 - swig wine, mix together 'make it work' ingredients 7:58 - follow remaining directions but pretend it's for 3 loaf pans and not one 3 quart pan 8:05 - toss three pans in oven, finish wine and cross fingers 8:07 - set timer. start Pitch Perfect for eleventieth viewing 9:10 - pull crazy 3-pan setup from oven and realize each cobbler is only an inch thick 9:11 - understand why flour should've been 'self-rising' 9:12 - cover meatloafed cobblers and leave to cool 10:20 - tweet Pitch Perfect threat to Jack and his roommate and call it a night

three little pans...

here's how it went down the next morning: 7:30 - uncover 3 meatloafed cobblers and hope they've risen over night 7:31 - 3 meatloafed cobblers are still only an inch thick 7:32 - decide to stack meatloaf cobblers and dump one on top of another 7:33 - look over to see Tim Gunn shaking his head at me 7:45 - cover it with foil and tie it up with a ribbon

put a bow on itthis is why I don't cook/bake - I don't have the ingredients and/or I don't follow directions. ever. #aca-believe-it.

we left around lunchtime on thursday headed for the great city of Philly bearing one questionable, meatloaf-sized, stacked cobbler and a carload of college crap. was it the best decision I've ever made? no. was I worried? heck no. I walked in to my sister's bearing some half-assed blackberry cobbler with the confidence of someone who had a case of wine delivered earlier in the day.

would I make it again? probably not. I'm not sure I've ever seen 'self-rising flour' so I might look to find a cobbler recipe that calls for run of the mill flour. (get it? mill and flour? ha!) I mixed in blueberries here because I wasn't sure I had enough fruit for three meatloaf pans. again, I'm not a good rule/recipe follower

did my family like it? ummm... ahhh... ehhh..... (said in my Fat Amy voice) it tasted pretty good but it was the wrong consistency/texture. it was more like a blackberry pudding that had to be eaten with a spoon.

I'm hoping to have a chance at a fifth bakeoff recipe this week but I'm not sure my blackberry bushes can handle it. stay tuned...