blackberry recipe no. 3

syrupI called an audible tuesday. we decided to have 'breakfast for dinner' with waffles so the pint of blackberries I had picked for the cobbler was repurposed for blackberry syrup. I didn't have anything like that cued up for this bakeoff so I googled some syrup recipes. most of them call for larger quantities of fruit like 4 cups so I scrolled further down and saw a recipe from Ree, the Pioneer Woman, for cornmeal pancakes with blackberry syrup and it only needed one pint of berries and plenty of sugar. SOLD.tim gunn

note: Tim Gunn was not harmed in the making of this syrup

I've had a VillaWare** waffle iron for years and swear by it plus it came with another set of plates with a side for panini making. also, I use Bisquick for waffles but I know there are some great variations out there. I just never seem to have stuff like buttermilk when we decide to have breakfast for dinner. so - while the waffles were cooking, I threw the pint-ish of blackberries, a cup of sugar, half a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch (left over from recipe no. 1) into a sauce pan like the Pioneer Woman said, brought it to a boil, stirred it around some and then voilà, blackberry syrup. and this time, when the blackberries were turning red I didn't panic (and I didn't add lemon juice)before waffles

this was by far the easiest blackberry bakeoff attempt yet but that might be because I didn't actually bake anything. unless you count the waffles which I am. the consistency of the syrup is very much like a loose jam (dibs on 'loose jam' for a band name if I ever form one) and I love that there's still some almost whole berries.

would I make it again? I'm not a fan of maple syrup (or maple anything really) so I would make this again in a heartbeat. plus it was ridiculously easy and I have some left over to freeze. I'm really hoping this freezes well.

did my family like it? absolutely. it wasn't too sweet or too sour and the possibilities are endless. Abby didn't eat it on her waffle and opted instead for vanilla ice cream with a heavy drizzle of blackberry syrup. syrup-boat

up next is the blackberry cobbler which looked to be on the easier side of things and I'm bringing it to my sister's. I was hoping to deliver some fresh blackberries, too but something's going on with our bushes. almost a third of the branches have been broken so the fruit is dying before it can grow or ripen. I'm not sure how it's happening because it's the branches within the bush, not the outer sections which might have been clipped by a weed whacker or something like that. it explains why our crop is smaller this year but it's still a mystery as to why. either way, my sister is still Queen of the Buckle.

** I've searched online (not very hard) to find a similar VillaWare model but no such luck.