• I have successfully milked 'birthday week' this year and #45isthenew29. trust me on this one.
  • this is what I wore to work on wednesday. head to toe J. Crew including three year old, pale blush pink, suede pumps that I've never worn before because they're uncomfortable
  • the girls gave me a thumbs-up but were sad that no one in my office appreciated my outfit. I work with two guys who probably wouldn't notice if I wore the same thing every day for two weeks in a row
  • I told the girls to dress for themselves and no one else. (minus the uncomfortable shoe part) if you feel good then you look good and you can't beat that
  • we're in Philly today - a stop-over on our way to take jack to north carolina to start his sophomore year in college. the last time we were in Philly as a whole family was in 1996 when Lulu was a few months old and there were only four of us
  • I'm digging up the photo of the four of us in front of Independence Hall from 1996 and will post it next to a current shot with our 'plus one'
  • I'm not nearly as sentimental about delivering Jack to school as I was last summer┬ábut only because he can't wait to get back to school. he's been home since April 30 so this can't come soon enough for him and that makes me happy
  • Jack and his freshman roommate hit it off so well they're rooming together again which is huge. I hope the girls end up with roommates they like this fall but as of today, they have no idea who that'll be.
  • it's 77 degrees in high point, north carolina this weekend which is actually cooler than new england. I'm not complaining but this should probably go down in some kind of global warming 'things to be worried about' book
  • two weeks until we move the girls in to their dorms and I'm sticking my head in the sand. I'm pretending that I'm going to LOVE being an empty-nester. pretending is on par with my baking skills.
  • have a great weekend and wear whatever the heck you want