happy friday


  • I LOVE all the responses and interest about my blackberry bake off dare and my lookbook party idea and I'm so thankful I have such great blogging friends, near and far.
  • speaking of friends, I met my friend Claire for drinks on tuesday and she gifted me with an early birthday present of a fabulous vintage Trifari bracelet. can you believe it? it's always great to see her and I love that we're  able to teach each other a thing or two. say, like, instagram videos.
  • I want to like to take videos but I don't. I stress and obsess and there's no going back to edit.
  • remember when Vine was NEW! and twitter was all YOU MUST VINE RIGHT NOW! yeah... the kids have taken over and I think they're doing a much better job. I tend to re-Vine what my kids post and then post a 'behind the scenes' shot on instagram. 
  • instagram videos are saved to your camera roll and Vine videos are not. I think that separates the two video apps. plus I appreciate a good filter but I'm still not very good at.
  • case in point: I have so few videos of my children when they were growing up it's embarrassing. photographs, on the other hand, are an embarrassment of riches. before digital cameras you had to take a whole roll of film just in case they didn't come out. and I always ordered double prints so I could send copies of the good ones to the grandparents because there wasn't facebook or email for sharing. this means I have two of every crappy photo I took and I can't bring myself to throw them away.
  • that's not entirely true about email. we had email but it was dial-up and took FOREVER to use and more often than not you had to call someone to tell them to check their email. but sometimes you couldn't get through because they were on their dial-up. besides there wasn't any way to make your photos digital until places like Ritz camera put your photos on a disc.
  • I sound really old.
  • at least I don't still have an AOL email address. whenever I see an AOL email address I laugh.
  • wanna know what else is funny? the shoes I'm wearing in the photo above are actually a full size too big for me. when you find Ralph Lauren, teal blue, crocodile heels with gold tone buckles at TJ Maxx but in the wrong size you listen to the little Tim Gunn sitting on your shoulder and you make it work.
  • that's enough nonsense for one friday. have a great weekend!