• I spent most of this week consciously wearing items from my closet that have long been ignored.
  • this isn't old news if you're following along on instagram or facebook but I've been getting grief from my girls that I don't wear half the stuff I own and they're not wrong
  • I mentioned last week that I basically work alone so I'm dressing for myself and sometimes I convince myself that something is too 'dressy' but I'm working to get over that
  • I had great excuses for dressing up this week - the latest #bostonbloggers meet-up at the sinclair in harvard square on tuesday with some dear and fashionable friends and again on wednesday when I took the girls to a fall fashion event at neiman marcus (smita has THE BEST gigs)
  • my girls been have shopping out of my closet for the last year or so and it'll be a rude awakening next month when they're at their new school in another state and can't borrow that skinny, studded black belt from j crew.
  • I have at least 20 belts but only wear two on a very irregular basis and the skinny, studded black belt from j crew isn't one of them. I should just let them take it
  • you know as soon as it's gone I'll need it and wish that I had it so I can wear it the way my friend Alex taught me
  • we're in the final stages of "outfitting" them for their new school - no denim! only dresses or pants-with-a-blazer each day. we're trying very hard to spend wisely and they'll be sharing most of this new wardrobe
  • I included the photo of the two girls because Lulu is wearing my neon silk blouse from j crew that still had tags on it when it was pilfered for the neiman marcus fashion event. she's also wearing my j crew statement necklace from two christmases ago. those two items will NOT being going to school with them
  • in our limited research, zara has the absolute best blazer for your money - it's a timeless, classic cut and holds its shape no matter what. mine's going on two years and multiple packed-in-a-suitcase trips and still looks fabulous
  • I was THISCLOSE to buying "leather" leggings at zara last night but they didn't have my size. seriously.
  • do leather leggings have a cut-off age? I'm asking because they're currently sitting in my zara shopping cart online
  • I'm linking up with {av} for her friday's fancies this week over on long distance loving because it's been way too long since I did that, too.

WHAT'S OLD IS NEW AGAIN >> linen coat: 2007 Isaac Mizrahi for Target - last worn spring of 2011 || sandals: zara kitten heels - 2011 - worn one other time // blouse: j crew late winter 2013 - never before worn by me & necklace: 2011 holiday j crew - last worn December 2012 || leopard shell: early 2012 j crew - last worn almost a year ago || heels: gap summer 2012 - worn on my birthday but last worn almost a year ago || top: j crew spring 2013 & pumps: j crew fall 2009 - first time wearing both!