this to that

this-to-that-sequin-miniI'm not doing this skirt justice with my little circles but it's as close as I can get - the orange isn't right and I can't figure out how to put a metallic circle in there but it'll do. not only would I like to translate this into a necklace but I REALLY WANT THIS SKIRT. Jamie Meares posted it on isuwannee on tuesday, I clicked through to Piperlime to pin it and then a new friend of a friend commented that she just bought this number. I made her promise to take a photo of it on and she said will once it arrives. I love the internet.

in other news, I was curious how you feel about 'mountain chic' - I posted back in march that I was sorting out what to pack for Jackson Hole and I swear at least once a day someone googles 'mountain chic' and lands on my site. are there that many people heading to the mountains? is chic wilderness-appropriate attire something I should be providing more often?

PS - throw on a denim shirt or jacket with this mini for that mountain chic look - you'll be overdressed but fit in nicely.