• it's friday the thirteen and i LOVE friday the thirteenths!
  • I'm on a roll this week with all my chicks - we saw the girls on wednesday in situ and I get to lay my hands on the boy this afternoon at his school.
  • it was so hot this week that the girls' field hockey scrimmage was canceled when the hosting team's turf field was a face-melting 118*F.
  • we took fenway with us to see the girls (they all needed it) but after spending the entire day outside in the heat she could barely move the next day. she got plenty of water and rest but I'll be more careful next time.
  • it was so hot and hectic yesterday the only pictures I took were of the dog. I never got a picture of either girl or their rooms.
  • that's not exactly true - I got a few of their rooms but they were so messy I didn't want to document anything.
  • I'm getting a picture of jack today if it kills me. or if he kills me - whichever happens first.
  • heads up pinehurst, nc - I'll be crashing bob's work trip for the weekend and I'd really appreciate some non-sweaty weather.
  • enjoy your weekend and stay cool/warm in whatever your weather