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The Carolina at Pinehurst

  • the weather was phenomenal and non-sweaty last weekend in north carolina which was such a nice change from the furnace that was last week
  • I did a whole lot of nothing but sitting on a porch, in a rocking chair, reading and sipping. give it a try if you get the chance. it's pretty restorative and I highly recommend the carolina hotel at pinehurst except they call it a veranda (tomato / tomahto)
  • the light between oceans was the book of choice this weekend and I loved it.
  • this book will mark the third time I've cried while reading on an airplane but the first time I cried while sitting amidst the boston college men's golf team. they politely ignored my sniffling. go eagles!
  • I've got three days here at home and then I get back on an airplane headed for CA for a 'make a wish' weekend with college friends
  • whitney kicked cancer's ass but before she finished treatment late last year we decided that we needed to take what we've had on facebook and make it happen in real life. whitney has never been to CA so we're headed to wine country for 4 days
  • I get to fly out and back with my dear friend emily and we will laugh the whole way but just in case we run out of things to poke fun at or reminisce about, I've got the night circus cued up
  • PS I got a photo with the boy and my new challenge is to get the girls tomorrow in their new field hockey uniforms.


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