field hockey fenway

  • we're still here, just not doing a whole lot of anything interesting.
  • I did have a fabulous time with my college friends exploring northern california and put a few shots out on instagram and facebook but otherwise I've been really low key
  • I've been driving a ridiculous amount from here to connecticut to see the girls' field hockey games and even fenway is near her limit in car rides (see above) but we really look forward to seeing them
  • I took this photo with my real camera as well as some great shots of the girls playing - I've been trying to use it more instead of just my phone which is taking crappier and crappier photos
  • I ordered the iPhone 5S and it can't show up soon enough.
  • while ordering my new phone I updated my old 4 to the new iOS7 and it's pretty slick but I was fortunate to be sitting next to my friend Gary who has a fabulous concierge Mac/Apple/iOS service and he walked me thru all the little changes
  • a few us were updating at the same time and it sounded like we were saying Iowa7 so now we jokingly refer to it as Nebraska4
  • I'll try to be a little more interesting this week but I can't promise too much.
  • fenway says hi.