taxidermy idea

scarab-ring did you see this vine I re-posted back in july? the beetle was easily 2" long and it was pretty cool. a smaller, similar beetle showed up in our yard last week and when we realized it was already dead I was seriously tempted to taxidermy it up like my horseshoe crab and make some kind of ring like the boticca scarab ring above. gorgeous right?

how hard could it have been? even if it didn't work as a ring I would've loved to have it preserved and gilded. fenway got to it before I could so we'll never know.

fun facts about scarab beetles here and here. did you know that these bugs were worshipped by ancient egyptians because they represented rebirth and resurrection? they made jewelry and amulets to be buried with the dead to ensure rebirth in the afterlife and are a large part of ancient egyptian hieroglyphics.