throw back

danahall-IDhere's one in honor of all the kids back in school. I posted it yesterday on instagram and it got me to thinking... this was taken at the start of my sophomore year at my new high school. you should know that I wore my hair like this EVERY SINGLE DAY - parted in the middle with a wire headband from papagallos. (until I cut it all off two weeks before school started my junior year) I will bet that I'm wearing a jcrew button down (back when they were a small, mail order company - yes, I'm that old), a denim mini skirt and my charcoal gray, pointy-toed, mia flats. my only accessory would've been my swatch watch - my ears were pierced but I never wore earrings (I still don't remember to put them on) and my llbean backpack with my monogram.

i'm not sure how everyone else's parents did things but my older sister and I had a clothing allowance (my younger brother was excluded from this because he would've worn the same zip-off pants and piano tie 5 days a week). we got a certain amount at the beginning of the school year and again in the spring and we had to buy all our own clothes with the exception of necessary items - coats, dressy dresses and basic shoe needs. with my parents' help, we opened checking accounts at the bank in town and we learned to balance our accounts, budget for the season and make it work. we learned those lessons and my parents were thrilled to be removed from the gimmies and the fuss. it was a gamble - we could've blown it on one big thing - but ultimately my sister and I learned the value of shopping a bargain (does anyone remember the original loehmann's?) and buying classic instead of trendy pieces.

do remember what you wore on the first day of school? got a picture to prove it??!!

fun fact: Nina Garcia and I graduated from the same high school just three years apart.