happy friday

Tv mode fail

  • alternate post title: camera 'Tv mode' fail
  • I mentioned earlier this week that I've been using my big DSLR more but when I took it off of automatic/sport mode this week I ended up with sub-par shots
  • it looks like I was leaning out a car window taking pictures while traveling in the opposite direction at high speeds when in fact I was sitting quite lazily in my folding chair using my knee as a tripod
  • if you ask lulu she'll say her hair looks awesome (she's not wrong) but both girls will always check first to see how their hair looks in photos
  • to be in high school again and worry only about what your hair looks like...
  • have you heard about mayor bloomberg's "NYC girls' project"? a campaign to let girls know they're beautiful just the way they are is exactly what young women need
  • I'll leave you with what my dear, smart, clever and kickass friend jennifer had to say about it - "I think this is so great and it underscores why it irks me when amazing, accomplished professional women focus their compliments on cute shoes and nice hair. It happens all the time. We're better than that, ladies. ... I see women tweet shout outs to each other about how cute they look at industry events and it makes me cringe. What about our contributions and our content? Celebrate that first, then the nice shoes. And you know I love shoes."
  • amen jennifer