happy friday


  • phew - it's the weekend
  • that makes it sound like I suffered a hard week but I didn't. it just means I can extend my great week by another two days
  • Bob was traveling and it was the first full week I've spent all by myself since the kids all headed off to school
  • truth? I didn't mind it at all.
  • I actually made TWO kinds of soup (pumpkin and chickpea minestrone) - and they were delicious and the perfect no-fuss dinner each night
  • technically I screwed both of them up - wrong ingredients, didn't follow directions - but they came out surprisingly good
  • fenway and I enjoyed movies that "we've" been dying to watch - elizabeth, elizabeth: the golden age, hitchcock, hyde park on hudson and jane eyre - that I knew Bob wasn't interested in seeing
  • I got very little accomplished in a measurable kind of way but I was hugely successful in replenishing my 'self'
  • does anyone else need to hibernate like this?
  • enjoy your weekend where ever you are and I hope you find it self-filling