instagram fan

last week my friend smita put together a great round-up post with some of her favorite instagrammers and I thought I'd share  just a few of my current favorites that I look forward to finding in my feed. oh - are you following smita on instagram? she travels, she eats, she museums and shares it all. JERMZLEE - jeremy veach and his pug named norm who takes selfies. they have such a great sense of humor! jermzlee


ANDREWKNAPP - the most patient australian shepherd named momo who likes to play hide-n-seek and has one of my favorite instagram videos ever (he's friends with maddie!)



BENJAMINHOLE - coastal england farm life with two springer spaniels by his side (do yourself a favor and search the hashtag #eviespuppies) and don't miss his girlfriend, photographer Marte Marie Forsberg on instagram eitherbenjaminhole


THISTLEFIRE -  lope jones lives in montana and his shots feel like a deep breath of wide open fresh air. his wife robyn takes stunning photos as well.thistlefire

these are a couple of my favorite pet/wide open vista instagrammers and I'll put together my favorite travel/city scape instagrammers next. are there any that you look forward to finding in your feed that I should check out?