st-patricks cathedral

  • a few of us wives worked trip crashed again - this time in NYC
  • it was only a couple of days which was perfect but it's still never enough time to fit everything in
  • that's not entirely true - I could've fit in a few more things but while I was waiting for the other wives to arrive, I spent an hour reading in bryant park because it's my favorite place in NYC
  • they've torn up the entire center lawn to put in a rink for the winter. is this a new thing?
  • know what else is all torn up? st patrick's cathedral but even the scaffolding can't take away from its splendor (photo above)
  • we ate and drank our way through the 48 hours in NYC and it was pretty great
  • dinner thursday was at STK which was intimidating and swanky but we decided that since we couldn't beat them (and I didn't want to sound like my parents being all 'it's too loud') we joined them
  • best idea ever because the DJ was genius and we chair-danced the entire meal. we clearly did a good job because we were delivered TWO rounds of shots for 'having the best time in the place' #YOLO
  • PS - it was one of the absolute best meals I've ever had
  • PPS - I'm too old to do shots
  • friday night we saw 'rock of ages' and it was great which reminded me that I love going to shows and I never do
  • we did jello shots at the show because, well... that's what you do at rock shows? (see PPS above)
  • since we were going to a rock show I thought my 'leather pants' would be perfect and they were. especially with my new necklace design
  • I'll post a full 'reveal' of the necklace soon. I promise.