let's talk: healthy stuff

chia-seedsfirst let me disclaim something - I am not an expert on health, healthy living, fitness or anything related to keeping yourself alive longer than the average person. I am, however, slightly more interested in those things now that I've hit middle age-ish. I firmly believe in wine every day and I know fun in moderation is key but I'm also the person who doesn't shop at whole foods because they don't sell diet coke. that and their parking lot is a clusterf*ck. so if someone with moderate authority in their voice tells me to try something because it's good for me AND super easy, then I'll give it a try.3-tbs enter chia seeds. I first heard about chia seeds earlier this year as a great source of soluble fiber and without sharing TOO MUCH INFORMATION, I will tell you that fiber is a very important part of my personal daily requirements. (see also: wine) I figured I'd give it a try but I never actually found them until a few weeks ago at costco. (I know - go figure) since then I've had them every morning in my yogurt along with the usual mix-ins and I've added them to my on-the-go lunch of a peanut butter sandwich. aside from having to check your teeth afterwards, they're a painless and interesting way to add fiber. my three tablespoons add up to 11g of fiber which is 44% of my daily intake. BOOYAH!

did you know there's at least six other reasons to add them to your diet?? and they're super easy to use as a substitute when you're cooking (or so I've been told - I wouldn't know because I don't cook) anyone else have some easy, anti-whole foods, non-life altering, ways to be healthier?

UPDATE/EDIT - melissa coleman of the faux martha *just* posted today a baked doughnut recipe that substitutes chia seeds instead of poppy seeds. doughnuts with fiber?? SOLD