pinteresting thoughts

pinterest-squareslast week maxwell tielman wrote a thoughtful and interesting essay in his column on design*sponge - what do your pins say about you? i use a plugin in the footer of this site that rotates sets of four recent pins from my pinterest. it serves to introduce myself if you're new here and to show you a glimpse of my personal style/taste/interests. I'm not the best curator out there, I'm never the one 'in the know' and I don't have time to scour obscure sites for the newest/prettiest/strangest, etc. but I appreciate everyone else's efforts and I love my pins. I love when I catch a set of four in my footer that works entirely on their own as a theme or feeling. it's especially satisfying to click over to see all my pins as a huge collection and see an accidental cohesiveness. they make me very happy. pinterest-snapshot

so - here's a question for you: what do my pins say about me? I'm curious to know, especially if you've never met me in person, what you might learn about me.