you're welcome

domino have you heard? maybe you read about it last month here or here? maybe you've been following along on facebook?

can I just say, for the record and all, that I knew about this WAAAAAYY before anyone else did. I've known that this was in the works since the beginning of this year and would like to think I had an infinitesimal hand in making this happen (think .0000000001%) and I had to keep my mouth shut about the whole thing. do you know how much clout (or klout - if that stuff means anything) this would've garnered if I had shared this news back in february when I knew it was on?? remember when Michelle Adams left Lonny in july? people speculated why and I KNEW BUT COULDN'T SAY ANYTHING!!

here's the story - i work for launchcapital, a small but kickass investment firm and most of the time, I have little to no experience to offer up in the process of vetting or investing in the over 100 companies we've invested in. we have weekly team conference calls where we discuss different investment opportunities in a roundtable sort of way. I usually sit silently, listening attentively and I consider this to be my graduate program of sorts - I've learned an enormous amount of valuable information about a myriad of companies, pain points, processes and entrepreneurs, you name it. one day late last year, project decor (one of our investments) and a merger with domino magazine came up. sadly, in our small but fabulous group, I was the only one who knew of the shuttered shelter magazine so I quickly schooled the others.

since early this year, I've followed along as the money was raised to make this happen. I had a heart to heart with our director about the importance of an actual domino magazine and not the lame repurposing of material in an overpriced 'special' issue like before. I emphasized how crucial it would be to have Michelle Adams on board if 'we' couldn't afford to lure Deborah Needleman away from her then new post at T: The New York Times Style Magazine. I knew when the team successfully secured the URL (instead of and I knew of a few stories they've shot including Coco Chanel's private apartment.

this means nothing in the scheme of world peace, and my family is unimpressed, but I've loved having a little window into this process and I'm really excited for the guys over at project decor. and now the wait is over. have you seen it? what do you think?