you've got mail

foggy-boston-postcard I can't be the only one that loves to get snail mail. my kids especially love to see something in their mailbox at school (side note: sometimes, I need to email jack and let him know he's supposed to check his mailbox which defeats the purpose of surprise snail mail) but sometimes it's hard to find time to sit down and actually write something. that's not entirely true - I have plenty to say but I usually take care of the 411 with phone calls or facetime. my new favorite thing to do is send postcards - they're like the USPS's version of a snapchat.

anyhoo - with my recent travel to north carolina and california i thought it'd be fun to send travel postcards to the kids and stashed postcard stamps in my wallet so I could easily send them on their way. (another side note: I used to pick up postcards when we were off in fabulous, faraway places but never had local stamps so I'd bring them home and send them stateside. I really wish someone would come up with a global stamp) with no other travel on the horizon I've been keeping an eye out for local postcards but since the kids actually pin/hang them in their rooms I'd like something not so cheesy-touristy. one solution I came up with was to create my own postcards using

10 postcards for 10 dollars? heck yes! even better, if you 'like' them on facebook they're ALWAYS offering great coupons and discounts. I've been a loyal moo customer for the last 5 years and their products, quality and customer service are outstanding so - I used my own photographs/instagrams and uploaded 10 different images. I opted not to imprint text on the backside but there's space for a logo or company info if you're feeling professional.

now I can send a beautiful postcard with a quote, a silly story, a fun fact or just an I LOVE YOU. next, I'd like to try painting or sketching some actual art, too.