all kinds of seasons


  • thing 1 and thing 3 (which make my lucky number, 13) ended their first field hockey season at Kent. it was their first time on varsity and their first time playing together but definitely not their last.
  • field hockey season ended saturday and ice hockey season started sunday
  • this will also mark their first time playing ice hockey together - with the exception of abby playing up on lulu's team last year to help out
  • hockey season also means the start of the holiday season countdown and this year I'm really hoping to be organized - I even ordered a few custom gifts this weekend.
  • know what's fun? being asked to contribute to a fun holiday stocking stuffer roundup so keep an eye out for that
  • also on my list of things that are fun: special museum press tours with friends. this happens thursday and I can't wait!
  • but before that happens this week I'm working on my lookbook party plans for next month - 4 weeks to get it all done and I'm so grateful for friends that are helping me put this all together
  • fenway says hi