chain mail Q & A

Q&Atruth? years ago I prepared answers for all of James Lipton's questions should I ever find myself on set with him but until that happens, this is the next best thing. let's backtrack a little - Alex tagged me and she was tagged by Christin who was tagged by Nikki who was tagged by Sarah who was ... phew. it's a stellar group to be included in and at first I was all "how fun is this?!" and then I was nervous. the way I'm nervous about what the songs on my ipod might say about me. but then I figured, what the heck.

FAVORITE FLOWER? snapdragons. (and peonies and hydrangeas)

MOST  / LEAST ORGANIZED SPACE IN YOUR HOME? most: my closet - it's color coordinated least: it used to be my studio which was recently downsized and now contained to a desk area and it's still a disaster

WHAT BOOK HAVE YOU READ RECENTLY THAT REALLY MOVED YOU? The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I love the way Meg writes - the way she assembles her words and the characters she creates. (fun fact: Meg was an English professor at Skidmore while I was there)

WHAT DISH ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO AT THANKSGIVING DINNER: having everyone home together for the first time since the middle of August. I know you're wondering about food but we'll have the traditional fare which will take a hours to prepare and 20 minutes to consume. I just want my people home with me.

HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE? not at all. I drink diet coke

WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL? umm, not much. maybe because it's kinda far off now but I remember it to be a relatively uneventful four years in which I unintentionally dressed like a boy in an all girls school.

MOST MEMORABLE CONCERT? Lionel Richie. he played a private show for a group of 200 of us and it was outstanding

DOTS OR STRIPES? both. but not together. but sometimes together. just use your best judgement

HOW DO YOU UNWIND BEFORE BED? for YEARS I was unable to fall asleep without having Law & Order playing on the TV (RIP Jerry Orbach) because it helped shut down my brain. (my mother prefers CSPAN but I can't handle all that misogynistic hot air) now I love to wind down with a glass, or two, of wine and if Bob's home we'll watch the news but if he's traveling, I never turn on the TV. unless it's a movie I'm dying see and I know Bob isn't interested then I'll take advantage of having the remote.

thanks for the fun Alex and now I tag Alison, Smita, Kate, Kelly, Jaime and Janee - I'd love to hear your answers to these or James Lipton's questions. dealer's choice!