vintage brooch

  •  the last seven days have been pretty great
  • I saw Jack over the weekend, met some of his friends AND got to see him play hockey. it's been two years since I saw him in net
  • monday night I found myself in a town hall meeting (first time for everything) and while I wouldn't call it a highlight, it was interesting to watch the democratic process
  • although I'd hardly call 175 people in attendance an accurate cross section of the town's population and their voting tendencies
  • tuesday night I was at urban grape with a few boston bloggers. you MUST go.
  • wednesday marked the first of 11 straight nights home for Bob. it's been six weeks of traveling for him and it's a wonder he's not sick yet. all those airplanes cannot  be good for you
  • thursday I had a lady date with janee and a few other favorite boston bloggers at miniluxe to help her celebrate being mobile again after a lousy stint on crutches
  • thursday was also dinner with my parents to celebrate my father's birthday!
  • today I will finalize my peapod order for thanksgiving and let's all keep our fingers crossed that nothing's out of stock
  • if something's out stock then I have to actually GO to the grocery store which I don't do on a regular day let alone right before a ginormous holiday
  • my cupboards are so bare I make old mother hubbard look good
  • the kids start rolling in for thanksgiving break in T-minus 72 hours...
  • re: the new 'lately' font above - taking it for a spin since it was F R E E. get yours here