happy friday and a PSA


  • if you're reading this then you survived halloween. congrats
  • I'm the halloween equivalent of the grinch. I've never liked the holiday. I'm not sure when or how that all started but I never liked dressing up as a kid and it was enormous work as a room parent when my kids were in grade school
  • I do enjoy the candy
  • PSA #1 - this weekend marks the end of daylight saving time so we all need to change our clocks
  • pet peeve: people who say 'daylight savings time' - there's no S. it's singular.
  • while I'm all for staying lighter later in the spring, this 'falling back' and  getting dark at 4:00 pm makes me sad
  • this time change business started back in WWI but national geographic has some compelling reasons why we shouldn't bother with the changing of the clocks anymore
  • also, it has nothing to do with farming
  • there's actually a petition - you can chose lose DST, keep DST as it is or change it to DST all year long (which I'll admit I don't totally understand)
  • the one good thing that comes with dark afternoons is hockey season for the kids and I'm really hoping I can get myself down to NC to see jack play this year.
  • PSA -#2  53 days until christmas folks.