out on a school night with urban grape

hadley & TJ of urban grapeif you've been reading for a few months now you'll have noticed that all my children have gone away to school. but what you haven't noticed is that Bob has been on the road for work every week for the last 6 weeks with two more coming in december. don't get me wrong, I enjoy having the remote all to myself now and again but this is bordering on ridiculous. there's only so much sitting home alone I can handle so when I saw Alison and Kate's teaser about an intimate boston blogger event at urban grape in the south end, I literally set an alarm to make sure i didn't miss out on getting a ticket. honestly it could've been a 'let's meet at the dry cleaners' event and I still would've signed up to get together with these ladies but the icing was that we got to meet at a wine tasting! with Bob in the liquor business I've had my fair share of wine, at varying price points and from different countries but I have a hard time understanding the 'why' or 'how' of the wine. I either liked it or I didn't and if I did then I tried really hard to remember what the label looked like which never works. never. urban grape is the answer to my 'problem' - TJ and Hadley Douglas have figured out how to speak my language. their enthusiasm and passion are contagious and they've designed the urban grape to be more of an experience than just a wine shop. honestly, sipping and shopping at urban grape is almost exactly like buying makeup at neiman marcus. hear me out on this -

drink progressively

when you shop for makeup you're looking for products that are specifically suited for you. say you have a black tie event and you'd like to try something new that night. the cosmetologist (is that what they're called?) works with you to find the best products based on your style, needs and price point (although sometimes they sell you that miracle eye cream without telling you  it's $100+) and when you're all set to checkout, they add each product to your store profile. they do this for you so you don't forget which number you wear instead of carrying your disintegrating bronzer around for weeks while the compact leaves particles coating the ENTIRE inside of your bag.

that's EXACTLY what urban grape does for you with their concierge-style approach to wine, beer and liquor. TJ and Hadley ensure their entire staff  is knowledgeable and not intimidating - they're geeks about wine but without the snobbery.  their selection of white and red wines is setup using Progressive Shelving ™ - "a unique system of organizing wines by their body, rather than varietal or region." a system which helps in finding just the right wine based on all your criteria - food pairing, price point, region, sweet, dry etc. AND they keep a profile of all your purchases stored in their system. get this - they even store the wine info that you gift! (you give the name of the recipient so when your boss loves that bottle you brought to the company shindig he can march to urban grape and voila!) they even have testers like a makeup counter except it's called the 'enoline elite tasting machine'. genius.tasting-se

photo via urban grape

thank you to TJ and Hadley Douglas, the staff at urban grape and thank you to Kate & Alison for another fantastic boston blogger event. please go experience urban grape (in chestnut hill or the south end) for yourself and sign up for their newsletter to learn about free tastings and other events. oh, and you need to check out their video:

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